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12 January 2009 @ 08:55 am
Title: Yet to be titled Fanfic #1 part 6
Rating: M+15- adult content- in line with the show
Summary: a week away on a business conference reap....


What do you mean the reap is off?” Georgia cried

“I don’t think I can say it any clearer, the…reap…is…off” Roxy paused between her last four words, striking the diner table with the back of her hand with each word for added emphasis.

They were sitting in the far booth of the deserted 50’s diner.

“But that doesn’t make sense they had appointments. How do you know it’s off, where’s Rube?”

“I don’t know Georgia; he called me on the cell he gave me before we left”

“Wait just a minute, so I'm hearing correctly,” Mason paused leaning slightly over the table “Rube gave you a mobile phone? Why didn’t I get a bloody phone? Daisy did you get a phone, Georgie?”

“Shut the fuck up Mason this is serious” Roxy snapped, clearly annoyed

Mason opened his mouth to speak and glanced at George who quickly shook her head. Mason slumped back and reclined into the red laminate booth seat.

“The reap is off, I don’t know why” she added looking at Georgia “but as far as I know it had something to do with a rouge graveling and a ceiling fan…” she eyed Mason and Georgia “you’re little stunt earlier prevented the deaths of two of the seminar attendees- the injuries you two sustained would have been fatal to a normal person. There wasn’t any post it’s so if you didn’t move them I don’t know what would have happened. Anyway, the hotel has closed fearing they’ll get sued and the seminar has been cut short; the fan stunt coupled with two deaths, one a prominent figure in the community has got the owner scared.”

“So what does that mean for us” Georgia enquired trying to look at Rube’s notepad that was placed open in front of Roxy

“For starters throw out your current post it’s they’ve all gone home, and are now invalid. There are a few reaps to do; staff from the hotel so they’ll be wearing nametags. The only info I got besides the usual is that they all work in the lobby and bar areas- that’s where they’ll all be, you have an hour” Roxy concluded dismissively.

Daisy, Mason and Georgia took their respective post it and stood to leave

“George, Mason I want to talk to you both before you go, Daisy find you reap and pack your shit together were leaving tonight”

Daisy slid out of the booth, stood and looked at Georgia and Mason before turning and leaving

Mason turned his face to Georgia and raised his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth curving up giving her a half smile.

“Is there a problem Roxy?” Georgia asked slowly

“You’re damn right there’s a problem a fucking graveling making more work for me cos it could find the fucking patience to wait a couple of fucking days”

Roxy paused and ran her fingers through her hair and exhaled loudly

“Look I just wanna know what you two are up to, I told Rube I’d keep you both; keep you out of trouble. So far you two drank the bar dry and drew major attention to your selves in a crowded pubic area. Not to mention that display this morning, Mason what the fuck was up with that?”

“I have no idea what you mean Roxy” Mason replied a little uneasily. Georgia felt him tense slightly beside her. He lightly stroked the outside of her thigh with the back of his fingers under the table

“Mason, cut the shit. The dream, the swooning and dancing, you’ve been making eyes at Georgia all week. What is going on between you two?” Roxy moved her head, looking from George to Mason

A silence sunk over them, no one spoke or moved. Roxy shrugged and slid out of the seat

“Fine, I’ll ask Daisy that girl loves to gossip and I got a feeling she knows something” Roxy turned

“Wait, Roxy, I’ve just been mucking round yeah, all in good fun ha-ha?”

“Mason you weren’t mucking around; you can’t act that well”

“Fine,” Mason paused and looked at Georgia an back to Roxy “look I, I don’t exactly know what’s going on I, Please don’t tell Rube about anything; the dream the bloody swooning he’ll fucking castrate me, you know what he’s like with George.”

Roxy paused and smiled sympathetically “Maybe I was overreacting, I haven’t seen you do anything, especially you stroking her leg just now, but I won’t lie to Rube; neither will Daisy. Just leave the affectionate public displays to a minimum. I don’t wanna know about it,” She put a twenty on the table “Daisy and I are going in my car Rube wants everyone at the waffle house in the morning, it might be too late for me to drive across town to drop Daisy off tonight, so you might want to get the key off her soon, since you’ll have the house to yourselves. Do your reaps I’ll see you in the morning”

Roxy walked out of the diner thanking the waitress on the way out

“I’m not quite sure but I think that was Roxy’s way of giving a blessing, and how did she know that I was touching your leg under the table”

“We’re busted; you think they will tell Rube?

“God I hope not, hopefully Daisy won’t tell him what she saw, I’d rather him think I was copping a feel instead of a snog”

“It was a bit more than a snog, if she’d been five minutes later I think me may have been…”

Mason raised his eyebrows and looked at Georgia a beaming smile crept up his face “are you saying you, Ms I want to go slow, would have shagged me?”

“Aren’t we cocky” Georgia smiled and leaned into him kissing his lips “let’s get this reap over and go home”

* * * * *

"Why do I get two post it's; you girls only get one? This is Roxy's way of torture it is, she starts off slow: an extra post it, the next thing you know she has my arse at the station with my testicles in a vice- she wants me to crack. This is her way of punishing me for not confessing, and asking her to keep secrets from Rube."

George glanced at Mason and smiled. She retrieved her post it and looked at her watch- 8:30, twenty minutes till show time. She studied her post it- P. MacFarlane

- Peter MacFarlane, the sweaty little bald man from the seminar? Roxy said they all went home...

"So who do you have" Georgia glanced at the post its Mason held in his hands

"K. Ammos, and a D. Lennings; front foyer"

They came to a halt at the entrance of the near abandoned hotel, Georgia looked up at the floors above; most of the lights were out, the only signs of life were coming from the ground floor where the hotel staff were walking back and forward in the lobby.

As they were about to enter a movement in the shadows drew their attention. Mason turned and saw a tall thin man lighting a match; shielding it from the wind and carefully lighting a cigarette. The man turned and slowly began to approach them. Mason caught sight of the gold name badge that was attached to his red vest, it flashed in the light revealing his name 'Kenny'. Mason glanced quickly at his post it, as a light gust of wind pushed around them carrying with it a wisp of the smoke streaming out of the cigarette, the faint sweet aroma of pot made its way to Mason's nose. Mason perked up and stepped toward Kenny

"Kenny, mate. You wouldn't happen to be Kenny Ammos by any chance?" Kenny nodded suspiciously "I was told by one of the barmen that you could help me out with a bit of a problem, you see I am booked to fly out in a few hours but I've run out of pot and see.."

"Sorry man I'm out I got some at home though; you're gunna have to wait til my shifts over..."

"Thanks mate," Mason extended his hand "Mason"

Kenny took Mason's outstretched hand and shook it, Mason took his soul and patted him on the back "On second thoughts I probably won't have time, my flights at ten"

Kenny shrugged and turned walking to the kerb

"One down" Mason whispered to George "You spotted your target yet?"

"No, I think there may have been a mix up, my guy shouldn't be here"

They walked into the lobby and found Mason's last reap, and sat on one of the lounges waiting to find P. MacFarlane

"What's your guess" Georgia asked as she yawned and rested her head on Mason's shoulder

Mason draped his arm around her shoulders and surveyed the room, from the corner of his eye he saw a graveling jump from the large chandelier that hung in the foyer.

"Chandelier crashes to the floor sending crystal shards everywhere, slicing open our hits"

Georgia followed Mason's line of sight then scanned the room again. Her attention was diverted to the elevator doors that slid open to reveal Peter Macfarlane. She quickly jumped up and paced over to him narrowly missing him as she brushed his back. She could hear him muttering angrily under his breath. She walked back to Mason and returned to her seat, glancing back at the door which Mr Macfarlane had exited

"I think he's gunna flip out, I think that man has snapped"

Georgia put her head back on Mason's shoulder and he absentmindedly stroked his finger up, and down the back of her neck. They saw Roxy and Daisy standing outside talking peering every now and then into the reception area.

A few moments passed and a screech of tyres could be heard. A set of car headlights lit up the darkened street outside as a car spun its wheels lining up the front doors of the hotel. The driver revved the engine and took off at full speed.

K. Ammos stood frozen to the spot, directly in the pathway of the speeding car. Georgia noted that the remaining staff; their reaps, had also froze. The car hurtled over the small garden at the front of the entrance and ploughed through Kenny; launching him across the bonnet and over the roof of the car.

Undeterred the driver pressed on and crashed through the large glass doors into the lobby, collecting two bodies as it went. The car was finally stopped by the front desk as it rammed into it squashing the receptionist that had stood behind it.

The car engine coughed and went dead. The driver opened the door and got out screaming incoherently. The only words that could be distinguished were "seminar and relationships"

In the commotion Mr P. Macfarlane neglected to notice the large chandelier swinging dangerously above him. Nor did he hear the creak and moan of the ceiling as the chandelier slipped a few inches, sending down a light shower of plaster that drifted down lightly landing on Peter's bald head and shoulders. He stopped shouting and brushed the plaster dust off; slowly glancing up.

With a final exhaustive moan the ceiling gave way and the large crystal chandelier plunged down crushing him, sending a light spray of blood around the room, covering the walls in a fine mist.

Georgia and Mason looked at the devastation that surrounded them

"We were both right" Mason stated as he glance up at the bevy of souls walking around the damaged room. He stood motioning for the souls to follow him

"If I could have you attention please. I regretfully inform you all that you are dead, blame him" Mason added pointing to a confused Peter MacFarlane " now, if you would follow me your lights will be along promptly and we'll have you on your way.