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21 December 2009 @ 04:50 am
FIC: Reap Around The Rosie Chapter Two  
Title: Reap Around The Rosie
Author: CyKotiK123 AKA Cammy Van Hosenburgh
Rating: T for now
Summary: Daisy gets transferred and a new reaper joins the group.
Pairing: Slightly Mason/George, possible Mason/OC Spoilers: None really.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, if I did, then Mason would be MINE

Chapter One


***Mason's POV***

Hmm, well let's see, should I get peach or apple cobbler? Well, they were the only two flavors left that I haven't tried. I sat with George and the new girl, Devon, I believe. She was pretty, I think prettier than Daisy. George noticed that Rube had walked in and promptly shoved me out of the booth and made a dash for the bathroom. My guess on that was that she didn't want to witness Rube's discussions with new reapers... or she ate a bad piece of fruit. But, I doubt it's really that important.

I slide back into the booth and continue contemplating peach or apple?

Rube sits down.

Apples have always been rather good to me. I had an apple tree by my house growing up, I liked it enough I suppose, always gave me fresh apples. I like apples, but not the red ones, the ones that look like the outcome of a red apple and a green apple's wild night at a bar. Yeah, those ones. I like those. But I did have a bad experience with apples before as a child, I got dozens of them thrown at me by a group of kids. Believe it or not, those things actually kind of hurt.

But peaches, don't really know about those. Never had a good or a bad experience with them. They're tasty enough. But I just don't know.

“You okay with that, Mason?”

I look up to see that Rube was talking to me, how long has that been going on? “huh?”

He gave me an 'You-weren't-listening' look, “Will you bring Devon here along with you today, kind of help her get a feel for things?”

I thought for a moment, a day with a pretty girl? Why on this bloody earth would I want to pass up an opportunity like that, “Sure.” I nodded.

Rube smiled, “Great.”

Just smile and go back to pretending to give a rat's hairy arse about whatever Rube was talking about. Peach? Apple? God, why is this decision so hard?? Apple? Apples.. will there be cinnamon in it? I rather like cinnamon. Especially on toast, and waffles. Mmm, waffles, those sound good right about now.

George emerged from the bathroom, she motions for me to let her in, I do.

Peaches? Ugh!!! Why can't I just get both? Oh yeah, I only have three dollars. Cobbler is $2.89. Just bloody great. Wait a minute... I decide to do it. I looked to George, who was talking to Rube about the condition of her food. “Georgie?”

She glances over at me, “Mason, I will not give you my fruit.”

I laughed softly, “That's not what I was going to ask you, love.”

She glared, “Then what do you want?”

Apple.. “I was wondering if I could borrow three dollars?” Peach..


Apples.. and peaches.. “You see, I can't decide what cobbler to get, apple or peach, I only have three dollars, which as you know is only enough for one. So I thought I'd get them both.” I stopped to take a breath, “Please Georgie?”

She smirked, “What do I get if I do this for you?”

God, I'm so close to getting appley and peachy cobblery goodness.. in my mouth, “I'll stop wandering naked through the house.”

I had her, “Deal.”

YES! YES! YES! She handed me the money and I swear I might have cummed in my shorts, “Kiffany!!”

She better have heard me, the entire waffle house did.. Moments later she walked over to the table, “What is so important?”

I couldn't wait. “Yea, Can I get some cobbler?”

“What kind?”

I begun to explain my cobblery request when Rube cut me off, wanker. “Mason, you should hold that order.”

I shot him a death glare, “Why?” I clenched my teeth.

“Because, you've got a job.” He placed a post-it down on the table in front of me.

S. Harris

2539 Bachelli Ln, Suite C

E.T.D 6:21 PM

“Take the girl.”


I'm gonna fucking kill Rube. That was the only thing I could think of as me and The Rookie walked down the street, looking for my reap. I mean come on, all I wanted was some cobbler, how could he take that away from me??? I didn't understand it. It really did piss me off. I should've at least ordered it to go. But no, I didn't, and now I won't be able to until tomorrow. Great, just fucking great. What was I supposed to do now? Now that I couldn't have my cobbler? That's all I want.


Her voice startled me out of my cobbler filled trance, “What?” I said, a little too high pitched for my liking.

She gave me an odd look, “Have you been listening to me at all?”

I shook my head, “Too busy thinking about cobbler and how I'm going to kill Rube.”  


“If you really dwell on it, I suppose it is.” We came to a large blue brick building. I glanced at the numbers on the wall, ' 2539 Bachelli Lane.' I tapped her shoulder lightly, “This is it.” I opened the door for her and followed closely behind her.

Once inside, I turned to a wall upon which was a sign telling you where you were and where everything was. I found suite C. “We have to get in a bloody elevator?” I didn't like elevators..

She averted her gaze down to the end of the room, where the elevators were, “Yeah, I guess so, let's go.” She turned and walked off towards the elevator. I made my way moments later.

As the lift began to make its ascent, I tried to stop thinking about the possibility that the cord would snap and we would be crushed in this elevator. I thought of anything other than horrible deaths, even the sweet enticing thought of the cobbler that awaited me couldn't even do the trick.

I heard her shift so that she could face me, “Hey, you okay? You don't look so good.”

I gripped the railing tighter and sheepishly chuckled, “I don't much care for elevators.”

Devon raised an eyebrow, “Yeah, I can tell.”

DING! Thank God! Yes! The doors opened and I moved quickly out of the death trap. I made my way to the receptionist's desk with The Rookie close behind me.

“Yes, excuse me, can you tell me where I can find a S. Harris?” I asked politely.

The woman looked up from her computer, she looked in her fourties, possibly a cat person, couldn't tell, “Yes, she's in her office,” she pointed to the left, “do you have an appointment?”

I glanced over at Devon, who was sitting in a chair across the waiting room, “Yes, I'm the uh,” quick look at my watch, “ 6:15.”

The receptionist who's name I came to discover was Gertrude, looked at me in confusion, or maybe it was disbelief, “You're the 6:15?” I nodded, “You're Stacy Harren?” I again nodded. “Okay, go have a seat, the doctor will be with you in a moment.”

I smiled and went and sat down next to Devon, “You know, I'm sorry for not listening to you earlier, I was just so caught up in the thoughts of cobbler that I didn't even hear you.”

She shook her head, “Don't worry, about it, I'm used to it. And it wasn't that big of a deal. I understand, cobbler is pretty yummy.” Damn right she was, “So I guess I'll forgive you.”

It was then that a door opened, “Stacy?” a blond haired woman called. I leaned over to Devon, “That's my cue.” I stood up and walked into the office.

***Devon's POV***

I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for Mason to come out. I really wanted to go home, wherever that was, George said I could stay with her and Mason, so I guess I'll just stick with Mason 'til we get there, then I'll most likely end up passing out on the couch as soon as I get to it. I was beat, long day, what with dieing and becoming a Grim Reaper. I wondered when I would have to take a soul, I wonder what it'll be like.

My musings were cut short by Mason and his cobbler loving self emerging and motioning for us to leave. I got up and followed him back into the elevator. I'm sure he was really hoping to get home soon too, he appeared as though he'd had enough of elevators for the day.

We were finally home, It was okay, really looked like it belonged to some old woman. George fetched me a blanket and a nice pillow. I curled up on the couch and began drifting off to sleep, wondering about what tomorrow would bring.


Yes, odd, I know, but this chapter was actually going to have a point, but my friend just had to bring up cobbler and then suddenly it was all I could think about. Errg!!



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