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03 March 2009 @ 01:59 am
Some random things I found out from googling DLM across the internet:

--In the original script, when George found Reggie hiding in her closet, instead of pushing her out of the room; George and Reggie talk for a little bit; as Reggie was upset a little.
So they talked for a while and in the end, George said: "Hopefully when I die, I'll get balloons." So that explains what the guy with balloons was doing there.

--The pilot took one month to film, whereas all other episodes were filmed one per week.

--The news stories stuck to the refrigerator read as follows:

"Mir's De-Orbiting Kills Local Teen"

At 1:05 P.M. yesterday afternoon Mir's toilet seat struck the earth and killed a local teenager named Georgia Lass, as well as injuring 10 others. The Russian government has issued apologies to the American government, to the city in which the object landed and to the family's of all those killed or injured. Unfortunately as Georgia's new workmate said "All the apologies in the world won't bring back our Georgia." The world was warned well in advance that the Russian Space Agency was set to de-orbit the satellite Mir. But along with the warning came reassurances that all pieces of the satellite would be destroyed as they passed through the Earth's atmosphere. They were wrong... (Illegible).

In Japan people were warned to stay in doors... (Illegible) ... "Evidentially there was a miscalculation in the density of the ionosphere at the point of entry and the toilet seat made it through. Even if some pieces did get through, they were supposed to fall into the Pacific Ocean. Obviously the Russian scientists made a mistake. The hardest part of the investigation was in identifying Georgia Lass' body. She was hit by an object traveling two hundred miles per hour with a surface temperature exceeding fifteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing left of her, ironically, was the name tag she was given yesterday morning at the start of her first day of work. The nametag read, "Hello, I'm new. Ask me my name." ... (Illegible) ... workers commented, "Bummer."

Her obtobituary was clipped to the refrigerator as well. It reads:

LASS, Georgia L. - 18, passed away unexpectedly last Thursday at 1:05 p.m. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she was the beloved eldest daughter of Joy (Geuber) Lass and Clancy Lass and older sister of Reggie Lass. She graduated last year from Franklin High School and ent on to City College for a time. Grandparents Gail and Frank Lass and Darryl Geuber, Aunt Theresa and Uncle Hugh and cousins Tina and Alison will miss her dearly. Georgia will be remembered fondly for her love of music... (Illegible).

(Deleted comment)
Zircon: george/rubethisiszircon on March 3rd, 2009 07:14 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's weird that the one grandparent we actually meet in canon is the one left off the obit.

I liked Joy's lecherous mum. I would like to be like that when I'm seventy.

Workers commented 'bummer'. LOLZ

I think the 'love of music' comment was telling. George has no particular love of music, as we see when she talks with Mad Ronnie. It's the kind of thing people say when they have nothing else to say about someone. A generic, difficult-to-disprove statement that doesn't mean anything. I think it reinforces the place George was in before her death really nicely.