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20 December 2009 @ 08:08 pm
Reap Around The Rosie Chapter One  
Title: Reap Around The Rosie
Author: CyKotiK123 AKA Cammy Van Hosenburgh
Rating: T for now
Summary: Daisy gets transferred and a new reaper joins the group.
Pairing: Slightly Mason/George, possible Mason/OC
Spoilers: None really.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, if I did, then Mason would be MINE


***Beware of POV changes, there will be lots of them..


Mason looked down at the post it note that Rube had told him to give to Daisy once she got there.


D. Gates

365 West 42nd Street

E.T.D 4:17 PM


Daisy was running late, which was understandable, this would be her last reap in external influences, she was being transferred after this reap. Mason was in a way sad that Daisy was leaving, he cared so much about her and she couldn't care less for him. She practically ignored him. So, he thought it best to just let her go and move on. Besides, in about an hour, a new reaper would take her place. Hopefully that said reaper wouldn't be a pain in the ass.
Daisy finally waltzed in about ten minutes late. She slid into the booth across from Mason.

“This is for you” Mason said as he passed over the post it.

She took it and smiled, “Thanks Mason.”

The two sat in silence for what seemed like forever. Kiffany brought them some waffles and coffee. Mason sipped his coffee and hummed a tune, Daisy just watched across the room at an elderly couple with their grandkids. More time passed and Mason spotted George's car pull up. She was going with Daisy to the reap so she could rein in the newest addition to their 'team.' He looked up from his coffee.

 “You know, I'm really going to miss you.”

 Daisy wasn't expecting Mason to say this to her, “Mason, don't start. I'm leaving and that's that. You can't stop me.”

 “I wasn't trying. I just want you to be happy, wherever you may end up.”

 It was at this point that George had found her way to the booth, “Hope I'm not interrupting anything?”

 Mason stood up, “No Georgie, you're not,” He turned to Daisy, “Goodbye Daisy.” With that he left.

 George looked down at Daisy, “Ready?”

 She nodded her head.

 *** 365 West 42nd Street, 4:12PM ***



Daisy and I stood on the corner waiting for D. Gates. I was kinda glad that Daisy was leaving. I never really liked her, somewhat for the way she treated Mason, he was a good guy and he didn't deserve to be treated like shit. Just because she was pretty and could get whatever or whomever she wanted didn't mean that she could just do that to him. I genuinely liked Mason, he was nice to me, he even took care of me from time to time (even though it's hard to believe, he's talked me into some drug related things over the past couple of years) But he loved Daisy and I couldn't imagine how hard it must be on him that she's leaving. But he'll get over it.

 “Gates!” I heard a guy call out, I looked at my watch 4:17, I glanced over to see Daisy pop the soul. I half expected it to be a guy, but no. It was a girl, probably about 16 or 17, her hair was brown with hints of black and red. Her fringe was parted to the side so that it covered half of her face, she was rather short, well ish, probably barely 5' 2” if I had to guess. And then the next thing I knew, she was dead and Daisy was gone. I wasn't even sure of what had happened, but I guess this is our newest reaper. Great.

 “Am I dead?” She walked up to me.

 I nodded,”Yea, kid, you're dead.”

 “Really dead?”

 I nodded again. What part of the whole being dead thing didn't she understand?

 This would be when she burst out laughing.

 “Why are you laughing?? You're dead and soon you'll be undead popping souls from people before they die like me.”

 She looked over at me, “Because, I'm dead. I'm actually dead. The magic 8 ball was right, I wouldn't make it to eighteen. And as for the soul popping from dead people, huh??” She was confused, I could tell.

 I groaned, great, time to explain all of this. “How bout we go get some waffles and I'll explain on the way? Sound good, um I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name.”

 “Yeah, I guess I could do waffles. And I'm Devon.”

 I smiled and we started the ride to Der Waffle Haus, “Devon. Okay well, I'm a Grim Reaper and you are now too, you see we pop the souls from people before they die we're also responsible for making sure they crossover safely..”

 “How do you know when people are going to die?”

“Well, that's Rube's job, Rube is our boss, he's the one who gets the list, 'Who's to die, when and where.' Ya know, and then he writes it down on post-it notes and passes them on to us.” I pulled my post-it out of my pocket and showed her,

 “See, we get a name, address, and E.T.D.”


 I chuckled, “Estimated Time of Death. Now, there are a few rules, you cannot go back to your home, or basically anything from your past. And also, please, don't try to save anyone, I know what that one's like, I understand that it's tempting, but just don't fucking do it okay? I recommend a job if you want to eat and also, we'll try to help you find somewhere to live, until then, you can stay on my couch I guess. I can always give Mason Daisy's old room.”


 I realized that I started talking about them, “Oh, you see, Daisy is the reaper you replaced, she got transferred and is most likely going back to New York, not sure. But she lived with me and Mason, who is also a reaper, you'll meet him in a little bit, he's not your role model, well, he was freeloading on the couch, but I guess since Daisy's gone, might as well keep him around for good.” Really I didn't mind the idea of Mason around for good. Like I said, genuinely liked him.

 I made the turn into my usual parking spot at the waffle house, “Now, there's also Roxie, She can fuck you up, so I suggest not getting on her bad side. Let's go.”

 We got out of the car and strolled into the waffle house. I slid into the booth, Devon followed slowly.

 Kiffany came to take our orders, “Oh, Who's this one?” She asked as she poured me a cup of coffee.

 The kid smiled, “I'm Devon.”

 Kiffany smiled back, “Kiffany. You want some waffles?”

 She nodded, “Sure, thank you. And can I get a glass of orange juice, I'm dying for a drink.”

 Kiffany finished writing, “Sure hun.”

 After Kiffany left I sat with my coffee watching the door, Mason should've been here by now, he said that he would be. He wouldn't miss out on meeting the new girl, well, duh. She is a girl, and we all know Mason.

 A little time passed and we were now eating our food, I had a Banana Bonanza and coffee, she had waffles of course.

 Mason finally slid into the booth next to me, “Hey there Georgie, how's my favorite girl today?”

 I choked slightly on my coffee, “Me? Your favorite?? What about Daisy?”

 Mason smiled, “Aw, what do I need her for? She hated me, and now she's gone. Besides, I've always liked you more.”

 I thought it a bit strange that Mason said this, I never thought he would ever like me more than Daisy, I never thought it was even possible for him to like anyone more than Daisy, “You drinking?”

 He laughed softly, “Of course, I've been drinking.”

 I glanced at that kid and pointed to Mason, “See, not your role model.”

 Mason caught that, “Hey, George, is this the new one?”

 I nodded, “Mason, this is Devon. Devon, this, unfortunately is.. Mason.”

 She smiled, “Hi.” She then shifted in the seat, “hey, what kind of a name is George for a girl?”

 I laughed, “It's actually Georgia.”

 “Ahh, I can see why you'd rather be called George.”

 Well, I liked her way more now, unlike Daisy, who insisted on calling me Georgia.

 Soon enough, I saw Rube stroll in. Great, I thought, just fucking great..


R&R Please.. This ismy first DLM fanfic and I'm not entirely sure how it's gonna play out quite yet, sorry for the slight OOCness..

 Next installment coming soon!

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